Pure Cambogia Slim Test

My 8-Week Pure Cambogia Slim Trial


After realizing I needed to lose some weight, I began researching options and talking to a wide variety of people about how they went about losing weight. I first heard about Pure Cambogia Slim from my mother of all people. She told me she’d read about it on the Internet and it sounded like a miracle cure. Right at the moment, I was hesitant. Who calls something a miracle cure anymore? She kept bringing it up, showing me the results of others as well as all the studies and celebrities that used it. Finally, I gave it and said I would do it. I could deal to lose over thirty pounds, so I figured I might as well try it. If I didn’t like it, I knew there was a thirty-day money back guarantee, so at least there was that if nothing else.



My results of 8 week test with Pure Cambogia Slim

Week 1 Starting to see results

By day two, I was starting to feel something. It started slow—I realized that I was getting a little more energy day by day. I could make it up the four flights of stairs to my office a little easier every day. I kept making the sandwich and snacks that I always did, but each day it seemed I wanted less and less of it. I wasn’t starving by eleven in the morning like I usually was, desperately staring at the clock hoping for it to be lunchtime. I made sure not to look at my scale at all in the first week—I wanted a big reveal. I wanted to be surprised if in fact I was losing weight. I didn’t look much different, but I had to keep reminding myself that it was only week one—there’s been still plenty of time. I was in for at least a month, but my goal was to take Pure Cambogia Slim for a full two months to see how much weight I really could lose. On day 7, I stepped on the scale. I was down five whole pounds already!

Week 2 Wow!

It was an amazing start to my trial run, but I was still a little skeptical. I mean, the greatest scientists in the world wouldn’t be the greatest if they weren’t still skeptical after the first success in an experiment. I wasn’t sure how much I could really lose in eight weeks. I mean, how could just taking a couple pills really change me that much? My mother was confident that it’d be a lot. So were my friends. Everyone seemed to have heard of this before I did. I kept going and in Week 2, I was feeling more energetic than ever. I found myself awake and energized during my workday for the first time in what felt like forever. I wasn’t yawning at three in the afternoon and I wasn’t obsessively feeding dollar bills into the snack machine because my stomach was rumbling. That was probably the biggest thing I realized in week two: I wasn’t always hungry. Normally, I’d eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack once or twice between them—whatever I could find. The calories added up, obviously. During my second week, I found myself going to the machine less and less. By the end of week two, I was down another five pounds!

Week 3 Slow week

My third week wasn’t the best week, but that’s okay. We can’t always win, can we? In total, I only lost two pounds, but part of that was because I wasn’t, I think, doing my exercise as well. For the first two weeks, I religiously followed my exercise routine, walking for thirty minutes five days out of the seven. By the end of week one, I’d even bought a pair of five pound weights at the thrift store and did a few bicep curls. Five pounds isn’t much, but it was something. In week three, I had an incredibly stressful week at work, so I didn’t get to work out like I would’ve normally. I came home every night and collapsed, pretty much. When I did have free time, I had to help a friend move—which I guess is kind of like working out—but that was it. This week helped me to realize that even small victories are victories. I was two pounds lighter than I was the week before and that was great. That was two pounds less to worry about holding me back from greatness in the future, that’s for sure. See you later, fat cells!

Week 4 Kicking the fat to the curb


I was back with a vengeance in week four. Knowing I had to make up for the previous week, I kicked it into high gear. I did a little extra exercise to make up for the previous week and just like that, I was able to shed another six pounds—making my total fat loss in the first month twenty pounds! How crazy is that? If someone had told me that I could lose twenty pounds in a month just by taking Pure Cambogia Slim, I would’ve laughed in their faces—and I’ll be honest, I did once or twice. But those people are definitely the ones laughing now! Wow! There was no way I was sending my Pure Cambogia Slim back for my money back guarantee now. I’d already lost so much weight that there was little reason not to keep going. My goal was to lose another sixty pounds at least. I wanted to be less than 200 pounds for the first time since before high school—pretty much before I could remember. I knew it would take time, but if I kept to my Pure Cambogia Slim regimen I knew that it would happen. Little by little, I’d get there.

Week 5 Feeling like Superman

The title says it all. During my fifth week on Pure Cambogia Slim, I felt like Superman. Actually, no. I felt better than Superman. I felt like nothing could stop me, not even Krypton! I lost eight pounds this week and I was able to walk for forty-five minutes without stopping to rest. I don’t remember the last time that happened (if it ever had, even). I’ve been amazed at the blast of energy I get fro Pure Cambogia Slim. It’s helping me stay focused during my workday and, overall, I just feel better. In every sense of the word. I feel lighter and my head feels better. I looked up why that was and found out that Pure Cambogia Slim helps release serotonin in the brain. This pill is like the Superman of the diet world, it seemed. It did a little of everything and seemed to be unstoppable. During my walks, I thought a lot about how hard I had struggled before I started taking Pure Cambogia Slim. I struggled to lose weight, to curb my eating, to feel like I mattered in society. Now, though, every day I feel better and better about myself. It’s magical.

Week 6 So, so awesome

Another week, another six pounds! Can I get an AMEN for losing thirty-four pounds in six weeks? That is like, rock star status right there. I can see why so many celebrities chose Pure Cambogia Slim—it truly and plainly works>. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. I love waking up now, seeing what every new day brings, because with each day I find myself getting a little bit more energy and feeling a little bit better. Not only that, but I’m looking better! So much better that people are starting to comment. I’ve already had to go shopping for new clothes because everything I own looks like a dress on me now. It’s awesome. The girl that works at the department store I shop at has been giving me the eye over the past few weeks, I think, and I have to say that I love the attention. I didn’t realize how long it’s been since someone looked at me like that. It makes me wish Pure Cambogia Slim were a person, so that I could give them the biggest hug in the world for turning my life around so, so much. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Week 7 How did I ever doubt this?


I’ve hit the forty-pound mark and it’s only taken me seven weeks. That averages out to almost six pounds per week. I decided to send my mom a card this week to thank her for introducing me to Pure Cambogia Slim. Without her, I would never have found out about this miracle diet pill. I would’ve ignored it as some scam meant to make money, but it is the complete opposite of that. I feel like I should be giving them more money, because Pure Cambogia Slim has helped me lose so much weight already. I’m not even done yet; I’ve got one more week still to get this last little bit of weight off. I won’t hit two hundred pounds yet, but I’m going to keep going after these eight weeks are over. There’s no reason not to! I feel better, I look better, and everything is better. Everything is awesome! There’s just no other way to explain it. I’ve been slowly incorporating more exercise into my routine over the past seven weeks and for the first time, I went on a one mile run without stopping. I’ve never done that before. It was something, honestly, I never thought I’d be able to do.

Week 8 An amazing eight weeks


So this is it, my eighth week of my eight week trial of Pure Cambogia Slim. In total, I’ve lost 48 pounds in two months. That’s insane. That is almost one sixth of my bodyweight from when I started. I’ve had to buy more clothes, because they don’t fit again, but I don’t care. I’d rather keep buying smaller clothes because it makes me feel amazing getting to go in and say “No, I need a smaller size.” Throughout, I’ve also gotten more and more energy. I don’t go to the snack machine at all anymore and I’ve been able to kick soda completely from my diet. I simply don’t want it. I know I’ve said it a lot, but wow. This entire process has been so hassle-free and so simple that I don’t understand how more people aren’t doing it already. Everybody who needs to lose weight needs to be taking this product. I’ve been able to experience so many benefits from taking Pure Cambogia Slim that it is easy to say that it’s changed my life for the better. I think back to two months ago and wonder how I was ever okay with who I was. It’s okay, though, because I’m in love with who I am now.

Final result The best ever


If I only had one word to describe my Pure Cambogia Slim eight-week trial, it would be this: WOW. All capital letters. I would shout that word from the rooftop while singing Pure Cambogia Slim’s praises. I’ve lost so much weight—more than I ever imagined I could and not only that, but the difference in my mental approach to life has been great. I’m ready to take on anything the world can throw at me. I’ve still got another bit of weight to lose, but I’ve got more Pure Cambogia Slim coming my way and I’m ready to hit my next goals, just in time for swimsuit season—the first one in forever that I’ll be able to go out without a shirt on!







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